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Nulab Investment Limited is also a professional firm of Real Estate and Properties Management Consultant on the local and International Real Estate Market, with a clear focus to carry out real estate professional services. As we provide real estate services to categories of clients; individuals or corporate clients. We develop, manage, sell and lease properties of all categories.

Our work process is precise and transparent from start to finish. We always have direct connection to the owners of the properties in our portfolio.

We are strong and innovative, with a broad base locally and internationally which drives us to provide high quality services. We are responsive to the needs of our clients. We listen, learn and create time tested and valuable solutions to our various clients in an efficient and cost effective approach. Consequently, we have always enjoyed rewarding and long-term relationships with our clients. We are keen observers/participants of the economy and the real estate market and we always navigate the tide to bring out timely opportunities for the benefit of our clients above our competitors.

we have adopted Honesty, Professionalism and Timeliness as our core values. This has helped us define Value to our clients as not just the price paid for service but the summation of the quality of service received. Much more, we consistently define our progress by the level of Service, Support and Solutions we provide to our clients and the wealth it creates for them.

we offer expert advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential property of every description – from flats, houses and high quality new builds in Lagos and other states in Nigeria.

Properties Renovation

Renovations of properties must start with proper design and planning and fit into the general building structure and setting. Since renovations involve working with what is already in place, you need experts who can evaluate the space and give you reliable, customized advice.

Our Design teams are happy to sit down with you, assess your needs and discuss ideas and possibilities. They will then derive an appropriate budget based on the scope of work and materials needed.

Our renovation departments follow specific proven steps all through such projects to ensure our clients have the complete picture of what the work entails. So, you can trust us not to ambush you with extra unplanned costs along the way.

From our Design and Renovations Team, you have access to several services like developing quotes, From start to Finishing designs, and overseeing quality control during the work.